Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Wendell August been in business?

Wendell August was started in Brockway, Pennsylvania in 1923. In 1932, at the urging of a friend, Mr. August moved his company to Grove City, Pennsylvania where we had been headquartered until 2013.  A brand new flagship store and production facility opened in the fall of 2013 in Mercer, PA where we have been ever since.

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What types of metals are available?

At Wendell August, we craft our giftware in six different metals: aluminum, bronze, copper, pewter, stainless steel and sterling silver.

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What do the different metals consist of?

  • Aluminum: 1100-0 Commercial Grade
    • 99% aluminum
    • 1% impurities
  • Bronze: 220 Commercial Grade
    • 90% copper
    • 10% zinc
    • 90/10 alloy
  • Copper
    • 100% pure copper
  • Pewter
    • 92% tin
    • 1% copper
    • 7% antimony
  • Stainless Steel
    • 8/10% carbon
    • 2% manganese
    • 45/1000% phosphorous
    • 30/1000% sulphur
    • 1% silicone
    • 18-20% chromium
    • 8-10.5% nickel
    • Remaining iron ore
  • Sterling Silver
    • 92.5% silver
    • 7.5% remaining copper

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Why don't all the products come in bronze too?

Our best selling items are available in bronze. However, bronze is a bit more expensive and harder to work for our craftsmen than aluminum and so we sell more items in the aluminum than the bronze. Thus our offering is more complete in aluminum than bronze.

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Where are you located?

We operate four retail stores with a complimentary workshop tour at our Flagship store in Mercer, PA and a simulated tour at our Holmes County Berlin, OH store.  We also have a store in the Prime Outlets in Grove City, PA as well as a selection in the Blue Moon Shops in Wilmington, NC.

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I have an older piece of Wendell August; can you tell me the value?

We are unable to formally appraise the value of our older pieces. However, many of our Wendell August antique pieces are purchased and sold through online web auctions by antique aluminum collectors, which should give you a sense of the current secondary market value.

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What are the methods of payment?

Orders under $500 will require payment at time of order via check, credit card or money order. Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) prepaid with check or Net 30 terms subject to credit approval. Prepaid orders will be held for seven business days to allow for finds to clear. A fee of $50 will be charged on return checks. For Net 30 terms, customer must pay within the terms. Interest will be charged at 1.5% per month on all past due balances. Wendell August reserves the right to terminate open terms on non-paying or slow-paying customers without additional notice, and change the customer to "credit card only" for future orders. Additional orders will not be shipped to customers who have unpaid balances outstanding over 30 days. Should an invoice be sent to a collection agency, a debtor will be liable for any fees including legal costs, charges to collect the debt.

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When will my credit card be charged?

Purchases will be charged to your credit card when the order is shipped.

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Which credit cards do you accept?

Currently Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are the only acceptable forms of payment for your purchases.

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Can I phone, fax or mail my order?

Yes, to contact your Brand Manager, see our Contacts Page.  You are also able to contact our customer service:

  • Our phone number is 1-800-923-1390, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Our fax number is 724-748-0170, any time day or night.
  • Our mailing address is:
    • Wendell August
      P. O. Box 109
      Grove City, PA 16127

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What are the minimum order requirements?

Initial order: $300 NET; Reorders: $100 NET.

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Whom do I contact if I have a question or problem or need to call customer service?

For your convenience, you may email us at One of our representatives will look into your request and provide an email response within 24 hours. Or you may contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-923-1390, Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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What are the new account requirements?

We will need to have proof of business ownership, including Federal Tax ID Number, State Sales Tax Exemption certificate, Bank Information, and two industry trade references, each with a phone and fax number.

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Is my Wendell August item "food safe"?

Absolutely!  We like to say "food safe, from preparation to clean-up".  As you are getting ready to eat or entertaining friends and family, your Wendell August item is ready to for the event as well!  When your meal or celebration is over, just clean your item per the instruction below. If you'd like to cut on your WA ware, please only do so if you have a tray protector, sold separately. Cutting directly on the piece will add a deep gash to the metal that most likely will be permanent.  Also, don't cook in your Wendell August item but you can chill in it.  Dishwashers are a no-no as well. 


How do I care for my purchase?

Please see our Product Care section on this page.

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Does the web site carry everything your catalog and gift shops do?

We carry a very comprehensive product catalog on our web site and are adding new products constantly. However, this does not include every item we carry. Long-term, we will have all our products available on our web site.

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Do you ever retire a piece?

Yes. Periodically we will introduce a limited edition collection. These collections are limited by length of time or the number of pieces produced. After the edition is closed, the design is retired.

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How may I obtain, or sell, a retired piece?

Since these items are part of our limited edition collection, they are no longer in production and unfortunately, can no longer be ordered. You may be able to locate some of our earlier pieces through online web auctions and possibly collector publications.

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Delivery Lead Time

In Stock Items: Generally, any of the items are in stock and usually ship within 7 business days.

Backordered Items: Backordered items (those not in stock) usually ship in 7-14 business days.

Standard Shipping Lead Times: We ship our orders via FedEx Ground Service or United States Postal Service. If you select Standard Shipping for U.S. shipments, the time your package is in transit will be 3 to 7 business days, depending on where you live. Generally, backordered or custom items take 5-7 business days to complete, and with the 3-7 days in transit, should arrive in approximately 8 to 15 days.

Orders with items of different availabilities: If your order includes several items with different availabilities, you should use the longest availability time for your order. That's because multiple-item orders are held for shipment until all items are available. (For instance, if you order three items, and two have an availability of 1 to 2 business days while one has an availability of 5 business days, your order will ship in 5 business days). You may request to have your order shipped in multiple shipments, if all items are not available for immediate shipment. You will be charged the full shipping rate plus $4.00 for each additional shipment, even if all shipments are going to the same address.

Express Delivery: We offer express delivery service on in stock items for delivery in 1 to 2 days. Please add an additional $15 to your order for Next Day Air Service or $12 for 2-Day Service for orders placed by 12:00 pm. Please phone our Call Center at 1-800-923-1390, Monday through Friday 8 am - 6:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) to check on availability of items and to assist you in placing your order.

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Standard Shipping

Our orders are shipped via United States Postal Service or FedEx and require a street address. Shipping charges for the 48 contiguous states are shown. These charges include shipping, insurance, packing and handling.

Orders being shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico must go Priority Mail, FedEx 2 Day Air or FedEx Next Day Air. Additional charges apply to these orders and a delay in delivery of 1 to 2 days may be expected.

Shipping Charges are per ship to address. Please call 1-800-923-1390 for international shipping charges.

Merchandise Total WA Saver WA Ground 2 DAY AIR 1 DAY AIR
$ 0.00 - $ 20.00 $ 5.95 $ 7.95 $ 16.95 $ 25.95 
$ 20.01 - $ 40.00 $ 7.95 $ 9.95 $ 20.95 $ 30.95 
$ 40.01 - $ 60.00 $ 9.95 $ 12.95 $ 22.95  $ 32.95 
$ 60.01 - $ 80.00 $ 11.95 $ 15.95 $ 24.95  $ 34.95 
$ 80.01 - $ 100.00 $ 12.95 $ 17.95 $ 25.95  $ 35.95 
$ 100.01 - $ 150.00 $ 14.95 $ 20.95 $ 28.95  $ 39.95 
$ 150.01 - $ 250.00 $ 16.95 $ 23.95 $ 31.94  $ 43.95 
$ 250.01 - $ 500.00 $ 19.95 $ 27.95 $ 35.95  $ 48.95 
$ 500.01 - $ 1,000.00 $ 24.95 $ 34.95 $ 41.95  $ 55.95 

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Express Air Delivery

We offer rush service on in stock items for delivery in 1 to 2 days. Add $23 for Next Day Air Service, $13 for 2 Day Service and an additional $25 for Next Day Saturday delivery for orders placed before 12 pm. Please call to confirm product availability.

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How To Return Items

What is your return policy?

All shipments should be inspected immediately upon arrival. Report any shortages or damages to us within five days of receipt of goods. No returns will be accepted without written authorization. There is a restocking fee of 15% on returns of undamaged merchandise. Claims placed after 30 days from date of shipping cannot be honored. For returns, please contact customer service at 1-800-923-1390 or fax your claim to 1-724-748-0170.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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When will I be credited for my return?

A credit will be issued immediately upon receipt of the returned item. The credit will be made using the same payment type as the original transaction.

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Do I have to pay shipping costs on a returned item that was purchased previously?

Yes, Return shipping on a standard return is not a reimbursable expense.

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Does tax get refunded when returning an item that was purchased online?

Yes, Wendell August will issue you a credit for any tax paid on a returned item shipped to Pennsylvania or Ohio.

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Caring for Your Purchase

How do I take care of my Aluminum or Pewter Wendell August piece?

We recommend you care for your aluminum and pewter Wendell August giftware by dusting it with a soft cloth. To remove any light surface scratches and add shine to your piece, use a soft cloth and dish soap and dry it immediately again with a very soft cloth after cleaning completely. Make sure you go with the grain (or fine lines which go from left to right) of the metal as this soft cloth will help polish the item.  The longer it is polished the greater the sheen. Aluminum and pewter will dull or darken with age, especially if it isn't used. Under normal use and care, your aluminum and pewter pieces should last for several generations.

For deep scratches and badly marked pieces, we do offer refinishing on Wendell August pieces in your collection. Please call customer service at 1-800-923-1390 for more information.

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How do I take care of my Bronze, Copper or Sterling Silver Wendell August piece?

Each piece of our bronze, copper and sterling giftware is covered with lacquer finish to prevent the piece from tarnishing. This coating will be damaged if subject to heat (especially hot water) and harsh chemicals. Once the lacquer is penetrated, the item will tarnish (usually dark spots appear). Therefore, we recommend that any piece with a lacquer finish be used only as a display piece. To dust or remove any smudges or fingerprints, hold the piece with a soft cloth and gently wipe it clean with a second soft untreated cloth.

However, for those who do wish to use your Wendell August pieces for serving, we recommend one of our convenient Tray Protectors, shown in our product section, or use a piece of plastic wrap over the item before placing food on the piece. All Wendell August pieces should be used for serving "cold" items only (cookies and sandwiches). However, if serving cake with icing or cold cuts and cheese, a protector is a good idea.

Note: Any Wendell August piece can be damaged if cut on, used as an ashtray or put in the dishwasher.

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Can my Wendell August pieces be washed?

Your aluminum and pewter Wendell August pieces may be rinsed in plain, warm water and gently wiped dry immediately with a soft cloth. Do not put through the dishwasher.

Your bronze, copper and sterling silver pieces should not be washed. This includes hand washing and in the dishwasher. These metals have a lacquer finish (to retard tarnishing) and water will penetrate the lacquer. These items should not be used for serving pieces, or as ashtrays, as the heat will penetrate the lacquer. Once the lacquer is penetrated, the item will tarnish (usually dark spots appear). You may dust these metals with a soft untreated cloth.

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